Friday, December 23, 2011

Gold Buttery Men's Diamond Bracelet

14Kt Yellow Gold Buttery Men's Diamond Bracelet

Gold Bracelet chain is combined with Princess Cut Diamonds 5.75Ct that sparkle beautifully. Designed by the famous designer, Made in Italy. Eleganza! This bracelet is suitable for you,  tasteful men, which prioritizes the appearance that always looks stylish and elegant.

Comes with double lock for enhanced security. An impressive 90.6 grams of 18K Yellow Gold (Italian Made) Approximately 90.6gms WGT. Length of 8 inches Width 16mm. Satin Matte Finish & Diamonds Princess Cut Color Avg. No. H Clarity. Approximately VS Carat 5.75Ct.T.W. For more information click here.

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