Saturday, December 31, 2011

The beautifull of crystal gems

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The word crystal comes from the greek "crystallon" means the ice or something resembling ice. In the science of crystallography The crystal is defined as a homogeneous three-dimensional buildings compiled by atoms regularly and repeatedly at a certain distance.

The crystal gem has a unique  that could not be rivaled by the other pieces of the precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, titanium and other precious metals. Jewels can not be mass produced because it was formed through a natural process thousands of years ago. Crystal jewel is made of metal oxide materials through thermodynamic processes at high temperature and pressure and takes place over a very long time. Some metallic element that is trapped during the formation process instead gives a beautiful color effect.

Jewel made ​​of crystal capable of reflecting light due to reflection from the crystal field. Design by cutting the field of crystal gems can make towards a different light reflection as desired designer. Man with all the benefits capable of designing and creating various kinds of jewelry is unique and of high artistic value. The higher the uniqueness and artistic value the higher the price. To create a high artistic value certainly required foresight, creativity and high accuracy. Besides raw materials are expensive and difficult to obtain also a factor determining the high price of a jewel.

Jewels made ​​of crystals with a skillful touch of hands has proven the value of beauty that persists for a long time. The ornaments are usually made ​​of crystal necklaces, pendants and earrings. The uniqueness of the color and crystal systems the main attraction which will determine the price of a piece of jewelry.

Gems of the crystals can be worked or cut to form a sparkling beads beautiful and proved durable. These beads are cut to fix the original form into an oval, round or marquise or princess cut diamonds.

For the man, silver jewellery that dazzles is very fashionable, particularly if it includes diamonique or the laboratory grown crysta, cubic zirconia or cz, as it is often called.

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