Saturday, December 31, 2011

The beautifull of crystal gems

Awesome Michal Negrin Collar Necklace Decorated with Swarovski Crystals, Delicate Roses and a Center Flower Charm; Silver Coated - Special Ordered and Shipped by Genuvo Within 2 to 3 Weeks
The word crystal comes from the greek "crystallon" means the ice or something resembling ice. In the science of crystallography The crystal is defined as a homogeneous three-dimensional buildings compiled by atoms regularly and repeatedly at a certain distance.

The crystal gem has a unique  that could not be rivaled by the other pieces of the precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, titanium and other precious metals. Jewels can not be mass produced because it was formed through a natural process thousands of years ago. Crystal jewel is made of metal oxide materials through thermodynamic processes at high temperature and pressure and takes place over a very long time. Some metallic element that is trapped during the formation process instead gives a beautiful color effect.

Jewel made ​​of crystal capable of reflecting light due to reflection from the crystal field. Design by cutting the field of crystal gems can make towards a different light reflection as desired designer. Man with all the benefits capable of designing and creating various kinds of jewelry is unique and of high artistic value. The higher the uniqueness and artistic value the higher the price. To create a high artistic value certainly required foresight, creativity and high accuracy. Besides raw materials are expensive and difficult to obtain also a factor determining the high price of a jewel.

Jewels made ​​of crystals with a skillful touch of hands has proven the value of beauty that persists for a long time. The ornaments are usually made ​​of crystal necklaces, pendants and earrings. The uniqueness of the color and crystal systems the main attraction which will determine the price of a piece of jewelry.

Gems of the crystals can be worked or cut to form a sparkling beads beautiful and proved durable. These beads are cut to fix the original form into an oval, round or marquise or princess cut diamonds.

For the man, silver jewellery that dazzles is very fashionable, particularly if it includes diamonique or the laboratory grown crysta, cubic zirconia or cz, as it is often called.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Beautifull of 12MM Round White Pearl And Emerald And Diamond Earrings -18K

Beautiful pair of earrings made ​​from white pearls strung together with 18k yellow gold, decorated with diamonds and emeralds. These earrings are perfectly designed using high-grade gems, a pair of 12mm natural white pearl of the southern ocean, green Emeralds 0.25ct with clarity I1, and diamonds with I color and VS2 clarity, 0.5ct. Designed with the perfect color combination will make the wearer seem more brilliant earrings. 

Imagine how beautiful you are if you wear these beautiful earrings. Read more.

Beautiful Ring From 18K Rose-Gold, Aquamarine, Morganite, Pink Sapphire And Diamond

18KR Aquamarine, Morganite, Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring
The combination of the beautiful ring, rose gold with white diamonds, pale blue Aquamarine coupled with soft pink Morganite and Pink Sapphire. A perfect combination of colors as seen from any side ensured all eyes will be charmed made. The ring is designed for those who have a high taste, incorporating 18k rose gold and jewels which consists 4:21 carats of aquamarine, Morganite 3:22 carats and 0.3 carats of diamond. At the end of 2011 this ring closure is lowering its price from $ 6.365 to $ 1,574.99, down 75%. Wow a fantastic price reduction. For full information click here.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Luxury Watches Brand Name of Bulova

Luxury watches have become accessories to the charm that attracted people's attention to the whole of the world. With the trend of exorbitant luxury and elite fashion show, luxury watches and other accessories are increasingly showing its class. Bulova Watches are one of global brands as it is celebrated for luxury watches. Acknowledgment is difficult to forget because the style of abundance and sub​​-brands such as Bulova Caravelle offered Wittnauer Watches & Bulova Watches.

History of Bulova watches began in 1875, a young Czech immigrant named Joseph Bulova set up shop in New York City, and a legendary American watch brand was born. Bulova was trained as a jeweler, and his expertise carried over into his watchmaking career, which began around 1911 with clocks and pocket watches boudoir, and soon evolved to include what was then one of the latest 
knowledge for watchmaking industry and technological innovations and the most fashionable: the watch.

Bulova introduced the first line of wristwatches in 1919 . The company grew and prospered, and soon early radio and television ads that declare, "America runs on Bulova time." In 1950, continuing a legacy of innovation, Bulova introduced Accutron, the first electronic clocks, and the first breakthrough in  production and integration of Bulova Timekeeping wonders in over 300 years. Accutron timing mechanism was later adapted for use by NASA computers and even a Bulova timer was placed on the moon to control transmissions of data. Bulova timepieces have kept official time aboard Air Force One and also served as official timepieces for U.S. Olympic team.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Gold Buttery Men's Diamond Bracelet

14Kt Yellow Gold Buttery Men's Diamond Bracelet

Gold Bracelet chain is combined with Princess Cut Diamonds 5.75Ct that sparkle beautifully. Designed by the famous designer, Made in Italy. Eleganza! This bracelet is suitable for you,  tasteful men, which prioritizes the appearance that always looks stylish and elegant.

Comes with double lock for enhanced security. An impressive 90.6 grams of 18K Yellow Gold (Italian Made) Approximately 90.6gms WGT. Length of 8 inches Width 16mm. Satin Matte Finish & Diamonds Princess Cut Color Avg. No. H Clarity. Approximately VS Carat 5.75Ct.T.W. For more information click here.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Precious and Luxury of Engagement Ring 14k White Gold

1.35ct Brown Round Diamond Engagement Ring 14k White Gold

Marriage is a sacred event in the history of human life. Giving the gift of unique engagement rings and luxury will give the impression that it is difficult forgotten by the bride. 1:35 carats of precious Brown Round Diamond deserves to be your choice

1:35 carats of sparkling round diamonds giving it a deep impression on the brideBeautiful jewel are wrapped with 18k white gold, this reinforces the Luxury of Brown Round Diamond you wear.

This item is a new ring 1.35ct Brown certified round diamond engagement ring with a combined in 14k white gold. With the VS-2 clarity sparkling .80 ct round diamond solitaire Brown that shines from the center of the ring. This solitaire diamond surrounded by .55 ct round. Are laid out perfectly and looks beautiful from any direction you look. The ring measures 10mm wide along the finger at the largest point. All diamonds in this ring is 100% natural solitaire. This is accompanied by a certificate of an independent Gemological Laboratory and Front UGL full assessment of separate diamond Jewelers store. For more informaton click here.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Beauty of Aquamarine

Nava Zahavi Sensation Aquamarine and 18K Solid Gold Nugget Necklace

Mention aquamarine and people immediately see the color of the ocean on a clear sunny day. Aquamarine jewelry is a beautiful seawater blue color. The color of aquamarines vary, depending on the quality of the gems but it’s blue is a favorite alternative to its more expensive cousin, the sapphire, which has a heavier color.

Aquamarine is the gemstone blue to blue-green and is a variant of the mineral beryl. Its chemical name is a beryllium aluminum silicate. The chemical formula of aquamarine is Be3Al2 (Si6O18). Aquamarine hexagonal crystal structure is composed of vertically elongated prismatic crystals are striated. This produces a white line and has a hardness value of 7.5 to 8.0.

The color of aquamarine is the result of iron impurities in the mineral. Mineral heating to 750 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce the color yellow and green, and leave a pure blue color.Aquamarine is found in Brazil, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Madagascar, Zambia, Angola and the United States.  

These gems are widely used as rings, necklaces and earrings.One of the jewelry designer who uses Aquamarine is Nava Zahavi. Nava Zahavi Unique Jewelry design has a typical reflection of cultural and environmental influences in his youth, as well as extensive travel around the world. Byzantine characteristics distinguished in his work can be traced to ancient Egypt and Greece, while the use of colored stones reflect the brilliance of nature around him: the sea and sky Aquamarine, Citrine and stone evoke Ruthilated sandy beaches, warm sun and Carnelian describe.

Nava Zahavi In designing jewelry using the finest quality of semi-precious stones, wrapped in 24 carat gold as if embraced by the sun. The design of jewelry Nava Zahavi impressed contains a timeless beauty that talk about ancient history, contemporary yet retain the freshness and flavor.
Nava has been designing jewelry for fifteen years, and enjoys an established reputation throughout the world. Nava jewelry can be found in designer boutiques, fine department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and through leading catalogs such as Sundance Catalog. Features magazines including Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire, Lucky, In Style and Women's Health Magazine.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in The World

Diamond Is the most expensive jewelry and famous in the world. Diamonds are the hardest thing in the world in the scale of moshDiamond was first recognized and mined in India. In the past, there are references found in Buddhist texts, one of the Sanskrit text (Anguttara Nikaya) is then about 296 BC and then refined. Text also tells about the main characteristics of sparkling diamonds shine. At that time the diamonds associated with the name of god (God), as a symbol of religious decoration. Diamonds are believed to bring luck to anyone who has it. In India, the owner is limited by caste-based colors. Only the King should be allowed to have all the colors of diamonds.

As the times eventually diamonds can be traded in the East and West India and can be used in various cultures to Gemology, or industryBelow are the 10 most expensive diamonds in the world.

1. The Allnatt Diamond
    Price: $ 3 million

Allnatt Diamond is a 101.29 carat vivid yellow cushion-shaped diamond that is distinguished as one of the most striking gemstones in the world. The name of the diamond duplicates the name of its owner, Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt, a soldier who was a known sportsman, art patron and benefactor.

The origin of the Allnatt Diamond is still under clouds; probable information that is popular is that the stone was excavated from the Premier Diamond Mine of South Africa. There is abundant evidence that the premature years of the South African diamond mining industry witnessed the emergence of large yellow crystals that were octahedral in shape. Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt was well-known as a warrior, a sportsman, and a dynamic patron of the arts and a noted benefactor in many spheres. He is believed to have purchased this very fine diamond in the early-1950s. 

Allnatt Diamond has Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified Color rating as Fancy Vivid yellow and Clarity Grade as VS2, and weighs 101.29 carats. The yellow color of the gem is the consequence of nitrogen atoms that replace some of the carbon atoms in the crystal network.

allnatt diamond Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in The World

2. The Moussaieff Red Diamond
    Price: $ 7 million

The Moussaieff Red Diamond is a diamond calculating 5.11 carats and 1.022 grams through a triangular brilliant cut, priced in color as Fancy Red by the Gemological Institute of America. Even as this may appear comparatively small when contrasted to additional famous diamonds, the Moussaieff Red is, in fact, the main Fancy Red the GIA reports having rated. The Moussaieff Red was showed as fraction of the Smithsonian's "The Splendor of Diamonds" show, next to The De Beers Millennium Star and The Heart of Eternity.

The Moussaieff Red Diamond Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in The World

3. The Heart of Eternity
    Price: $ 16 million

The Heart of Eternity is a Blue diamond calculating 27.64 carats and 5.528 grams, price in color as "Fancy Vivid Blue" by the Gemological Institute of America. The Heart of Eternity was cut by the Steinmetz Group, who owns the diamond earlier than selling it to the De Beers Group. The Heart of Eternity is a member of an exceptionally unusual class of colored diamonds. It was establish in the Premier Diamond Mine of South Africa.

The Heart of Eternity Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in The World

 4. Wittelsbach Diamond
     Price: $ 16.4 million

The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond is a 31.06 carats (6.21 g) fancy deep-blue diamond with internally flawless clarityLaurence Graff purchased the Wittelsbach Diamond in 2008 for $16.4 million. In 2010, Graff revealed he had had the diamond cut by three diamond cutters to remove flaws. The diamond was now more than 4 carats (800 mg) lighter and was renamed the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond. There is controversy, as critics claim the recutting has altered the diamond as to make it unrecognizable, that its historical integrity has been compromised.

Wittelsbach Diamond Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in The World

5. The Steinmetz Pink
    Price: $ 25 million

The Steinmetz Pink is probably the finest pink diamond in the world presently. It was first unveiled in Monaco in May, 2003, and briefly worn around the neck of supermodel Helena Christensen, the gem was discovered in southern Africa and is the largest Fancy Vivid Pink diamond known in the world. Pink diamonds are extremely rare and usually found in much, much smaller sizes. The Steinmetz Pink weighs 59.60 carats and has been graded as Internally Flawless, an extremely rare and coveted clarity grade. Given its extraordinary importance, the Steinmetz Group took approximately 20 months to cut the diamond. A team of eight people worked on fashioning the gem from the 100-carat rough stone. Fifty models were worked on before the cutting even began. One wrong move and the priceless diamond would have shattered. The gem's facet pattern is very unique: it is an oval mixed cut with a step-cut crown and a brilliant cut pavilion.

The Steinmetz Pink Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in The World

6. De Beers Centenary Diamond
    Price: $ 100 million

The Centenary diamond is a 273.85-carat, D-color diamond with a modified heart-shape. The unique feature of the stone is it's exceptional clarity, and the stone has been graded as internally flawless (IF). The dimensions of the diamond are 50.50 x 39.90 x 24.55 mm. The stone has a total of 247 facets, 164 on the crown and the pavilion, and 83 around the girdle. The Centenary diamond is said to be the largest, faceted, D-color, flawless diamond in the world. It is also the 3rd largest, faceted, D-color diamond in the world, and overall the 5th largest faceted diamond in the world. 

De Beers Centenary Diamond Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in The World

7. The Hope Diamond
    Price: $ 350 million

The 45.52 carat steel blue Hope Diamond was found in India back in remote times as a rough crystal weighing 112 carats. It first came to light when Jean Baptiste Tavernier, the noted French traveler of the 17th century, was approached in India by a slave who had a very secretive manner about him.
It turned out that he had in his possession an intriguing steel blue stone which at first look seemed to be a large sapphire, but the well-experienced Tavernier soon realized it was a diamond – the largest deep blue diamond in the world.

In 1975, the stone was removed from it’s setting to be cleaned and weighed. It turned out to actually weigh 45.52 carats rather than 44.50 carats, which is what was previously thought. Many people also believe the Hope is the largest blue diamond in the world, this isn't true, though. It's actually the 4th largest. It is however, the largest dark blue. The others are lighter shades. 

The Hope Diamond Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in The World

8. The Cullinan
    Price: $ 400 million

An influential building contractor named Thomas Cullinan bought the Elandsfontein farm that housed the Cullinan Diamond Mine in 1903. Less than two years later, a rough diamond was found nine metres down and protruding from the sidewall of the pit measuring a staggering 3,106.75 carats. The Cullinan Diamond was established as the greatest diamond ever found. The jewel was named after the mine’s owner and sold to the South African government who presented it to King Edward VII on his 66th birthday. The largest diamond the world has ever known was cut into nine major stones and approximately 96 smaller diamonds.

The Cullinan Diamond Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in The World

9. The Sancy Diamond
    Price: ?

The Sancy Diamond has one of the most interesting, colorful, confused and involved histories of all the famous diamonds in Europe.

The Sancy, a pale yellow diamond of 55.23 carats (11.05 g), was once reputed to have belonged to the Great Moguls of antiquity, but is more likely of Indian origin owing to its cut which is unusual by Western standards.

It is said to be one of the first large diamonds to be cut with symmetrical facets. The stone is also unusual because it has no pavilion. The shield-shaped stone comprises two back-to-back crowns (the typical upper half of a stone) but lacks any semblance to a pavilion (the lower portion of a stone, below the girdle or midsection).

The Great Sancy reappeared in 1828 and was sold by a French merchant to Prince Anatole Demidoff of Russia; the prince, in turn, is recorded as selling it in 1865 for $100,000. Two years later, it was displayed by the French jeweler, G. Bapst, at the Paris Exposition, bearing a price tag of 1,000,000 French Francs.

In 1906, the Sancy was purchased by William Waldorf Astor (1st Visount Astor) as a wedding present when his son (later 2nd Viscount Astor) married Nancy Langhorne of Virginia. Lady Astor often wore the big shield-shaped gem in a tiara on state occasions. In 1962, it was one of the features of the Ten Centuries of French Jewelry exhibition at the Louvre Museum. After Lady Astor's death in 1964, the celebrated stone was inherited by her son, the 3rd Viscount Astor. 

the sancy Diamond Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in The World

10. Kohinoor
      Price: ?

The Kohinoor diamond is the property of the Telugu people and this is the valuable diamond in the world. It was found in the Kollur mines in the Golconda region and the meaning of Kohinoor is mountain of light in the Persian language. The diamond is 105 carats with 21.6 grams of weight. The Kakatiya king, Rudra had made an agreement with the Khilji dynasty and offered the Kohinoor diamond along with precious treasure in 1310 A.D. Babar haddescribed the half value of Kohinoor diamond was the amount spent across the world in one day. Malwa king entered the history as the first king of the Kohinoor diamond. After that Ala Ud Din Khilji had owned it by defeating the Malwa king. The Kohinoor diamond became the property of Babar family in 1526 year.
When the Mughal dynasty was collapsing, Nadar Shah thought of owning the diamond but he could know the information about the diamond. After few days he came to know that Mohammad Shah would keep the diamond in this crown. So he invited Mohammad Shah for dinner and proposed to exchange the crowns. There was no other option for the Mohammad Shah and gave the diamond to him. Nadar shah had described the diamond as mountain of light and the name was retained for it. This popular diamond led to many disputes among the kings. The Persian and Hindu kings fought many wars for the diamond. At last, the diamondwas owned by the British. When the queen Victoria was declared as the princess of Hindustan, the diamond was set in her crown. There are many stories about the diamond and the people say that it is good for the females to wear this diamond and bad for the males if they wear Kohinoor diamond.
Kohinoor Most expensive Diamond Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in The World