Saturday, November 19, 2011

Watch TV on a PC

The software is very unique, users can watch thousands of TV channels including entertainment, sports, movies, news and much more simply with one-time pay.

With Software tv online, you can see more than 2150 TV channels from around the world. The installation process is very simple and easy to do, just a few seconds you will be able to see thousands of channels. Online TV is the perfect solution, a simple and convenient alternative to cable or satellite TV viewing.

The cost required only one time payment, half of the monthly fee cable or satellite TV. You also do not need to connect to a cable or install a satellite dish. All you need is a PC or laptop with internet connection, and you'll be able to see channels from around the world.
One time payment of less than $ 50 and you can stream more than 2150 satellite TV channels from around the world! For more information click here

Here are benefit of Online TV:
  • Absolutely ZERO monthly costs –ONLINE TV is free of any monthly charge or recurring monthly subscription. A lifetime license for free updates is included in this package.
  • 2150 Channels - Select your favorites out of 2150 international satellite based channels from most of the countries including USA, UK and many others.
  • No additional hardware required - This is software only, one that can be installed on any Internet enabled PC desktop or Laptop. There is no need to add additional hardware such as a TV tuner or DVR card
  • Easy to use – Everyone can use this. A simple interface makes it as easy as watching your regular television set! Works everywhere in the world –Watch Satellite TV with your PC in any country with Internet access.
  • 100% Legal – This software is not illegal in any way, as it streams all the free Satellite channels available on the Internet.
  • Runs on Windows Platform – Works smoothly on every PC running any version of the Microsoft Windows operating system including Windows 98, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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