Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lucchese Classics Women's N9290 Boot

Lucchese brand began in 1880 when Sam Lucchese Sr. and his brothers came to America. At that time Lucchese was 17 years old, and he had a strong desire to create beautiful boots. Within 3 years, Lucchese Boot Company was founded in San Antonio, Texas. 

In 1960 the founder's grandson and namesake took over the family business and decided to rethink the art of making boots. Sam Lucchese Jr. 's aware of the appeal and understanding of the human foot has inspired him to create a unique boot design. Although the final design for the exclusive Lucchese boot, requiring more skill and time, the result is a boot that quickly gained national recognition for exceptional quality, comfort and appearance. 

Every Lucchese boot is checked by hand twice. In almost every procedure during production on Lucchese boot, human hands be relied upon to complete the task to near-perfection. Every inch of the Lucchese boot is made from the finest leather grade. If you try to input your foot into it, you'll feel the comfort that you've never felt before.

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